Google Nest Thermostat E - Programmable Smart Thermostat for Home

  • $92.00
  • $199.00
  • - $107.00

  • A programmable smart thermostat that learns the temperatures you like and programs itself to help you save energy and stay comfortable

  • Start with a simple schedule and easily adjust it whenever you like in the Nest app

  • Home/Away Assist automatically adjusts itself to an Eco Temperature after you leave, so you don’t heat or cool an empty home

  • Remote control lets family members change the temperature on this smart thermostat from anywhere using a phone, laptop, or tablet

  • The Nest Leaf appears when you choose a temperature that saves energy; with Energy History, just check your phone to see how much energy you used and find out how to save more

  • Works with the Nest Temperature Sensor (sold separately) to help make sure a certain room is an exact temperature you want it to be

  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and other smart speakers so you can adjust the temperature with your voice
  • Designed to fit any home, with a frosted display that blends into the background

  • Easy installation, typically in 60 minutes or less, with everything you need included in the box; compatible with 95% of heating and cooling systems

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