Verizon Wireless Charger Combo Pack

Verizon has the best wall chargers for the iPhone that I’ve ever used, but one of my wall chargers was starting to fray, so it was time to stop in the Verizon store and see what was new. This combo pack was on sale for around $50 from $100, so it seemed like a great deal.

In the Box
Verizon branded: Car charger, 6,000 mAh Universal Portable Power Bank, Qi wireless charger, and assorted cables of varying length. User Manuals.

Initial Impression
I was most looking forward to trying the Qi wireless charger and the power bank. The 6,000 mAh power bank was a nice surprise. It is very slim and light. The batter indicator lights appear when you shake it sideways and is very visible, even in bright sunlight.

The Qi wireless charger is so simple to use. Just plop your phone on it, even with the case (as long as the case is not too thick, or so I was told) and it is detected. It is equipped with an anti-slip silicone ring that keeps your phone from sliding off while charging. I’ll have to keep an eye on the charging speed.

After 3 week of use
I’m very pleased with this combo bundle. The wireless charger works great. The charging speed is good. I usually leave it overnight anyway, so charging speed isn’t that important for me. The power bank is also great. The size and weight are absolutely perfect for taking anywhere you go.

The only down side are some of the other cables that came in the bundle. For example, the only Apple Lightning connector is 8 inches long. Seriously people! Another micro USB charging cable is 1.64 feet. Sigh.

Overall this bundle from Verizon is a winner. The highlights are the Power Bank and the Qi Wireless Charger. Stop into your local Verizon store and see if this combo is still on sale!

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