Logitech H600 Wireless Headset

This wireless over the head Logitech Model is one of the most affordable wireless headsets on the market. With this device users can separate from their computers and move around freely without the constraint of a cable. It comes with a small receiver so users can easily plug it into their USB port and forget about it.

Unleash your audio device and walk away from your computer while still hearing your music loud and clear and taking calls with clarity. This article will review the design, features and sound quality of the Logitech Wireless H600 Model headset.

Logitech Design

This headset has a simple no frills black design, with a blue circle on the outside of the ear piece. Its lightweight at only 8.8 ounces and measures 9.5 by 3 by 7.1 inches. This model is an over the head design which means it rests on top of your ears.

The headset is comfortable and the headband can be adjusted to find the best most optimal fit. Foam covers the ear cups so your ears are comfortable even after long hours of use.

It comes with a built in microphone that is conveniently folded into the headset while not in use. When needed users can extend the microphone out to a position that is near to your mouth but not too close in efforts to prevent distortion.

A small dongle comes with your headset, this will plug into your computer’s USB port and send and receive wireless signals to your headset. Be careful because this dongle is very small, even though it’s small its highly important and should not get lost.

H600 Features
The dongle or wireless receiver is small but very convenient. Users can leave it in their computer’s USB port and just forget about it, this means your headset will be ready for use whenever you need it.

One of the best features about this headset is its wireless capabilities. Normally wireless headsets comes with a large price tag. This model while not filled with fancy features and gets the job done. Enjoy a wireless range of up to 33 feet.

Enjoy a battery life of six hours, once the battery runs out, users can easily recharge. To charge the battery a USB cable is provided and it connects to the headset under the right earphone. Users can continue to use their headset while charging by simply plugging the charging cord into the headset and into the computer.

This device is compatible with all Mac and Windows PCs and great for use on programs like Yahoo! Messenger, Gmail Hangouts, AIM, Windows Live and Skype.

Logitech H600 Sound
When you want to turn the headset on, simply use the switch on the right earphone. Slide the switch up and the headset will turn on after this switch is in the up position. Once it turns on, there is an audible beep to alert you that it’s on.

Below the on/off switch there is a switch for muting. If you hear an ascending tone, this means that the microphone is actively in use, the descending tone means that the mute is on.

The Logitech H600 provides users with a clear stereo quality sound. The drivers in the speakers are laser-tuned for quality performance. To turn the volume up or down press the upper or lower part of the right earphone. A tone will confirm that the volume has reached the highest possible level.

With the microphone users have the opportunity to enjoy noise cancelling features that will allow for crisp and clear calls. No background noise will interrupt with the output of your computer.

The Verdict
Overall this headset is probably one of the most affordable wireless headsets available. The sound is good and clear but not mindblowing. It is easily portable and can be easily folded and carried anywhere which is convenient especially because it’s durable. On the downside the earmuffs are simple and only made of a standard foam, which is nothing to get excited about. Another downside is the battery life, it is good for short term use but not great for the all day user. The range may be a little disappointing.

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