How about JBL Bluetooth speakers?

Jbl Bluetooth acoustics is the most popular Bluetooth acoustics in the world. JBL can be seen everywhere from the most advanced fever stereo to the most popular home theater group. Jbl Bluetooth audio is very popular as soon as it appears, which has something to do with jbl's good reputation.

JBL is the world's largest professional loudspeaker manufacturer, with complete control over the development of raw materials, the design and production of speaker units, and the design and production of speakers. JBL speakers provide a wide range of services, including cinemas, large-scale sound projects, large mobile performances, studio monitoring, band sound, as well as entertainment venues such as Disco, song and dance halls, karaoke, bars. For civilian purposes.

ProjectEVERESTDD66000 is a horn-type 3-way 4-unit design with two 380mm diameter subwoofer units. The subwoofer uses JBL's exclusive SFG symmetrical magnetic loop technology combined with a special enhanced paper tray diaphragm to provide plump and stable bass reproduction. The mid-treble part uses a 100mm-diameter alloy horn and a 25mm-diameter fiberglass super-tweeter horn. The weight is 142 kilos. The alto part of the 100mm diameter horn is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, and the compression unit type is "476Be". The diffusion horn is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, which can deal with the high-pitched vibration even above the sensitive 18kHz, and reduces the problem of phase interference.

Bluetooth speaker refers to the built-in Bluetooth chip, using Bluetooth connection to replace the traditional wire connection of audio equipment, through the connection with mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other Bluetooth playback devices to achieve the purpose of convenience and speed. At present, Bluetooth speakers are mainly used to carry speakers, and the shape is generally relatively small and portable. Bluetooth speaker technology has also been gradually valued and accepted by consumers by virtue of its convenient human nature. Most of the common Bluetooth speakers on the market are mono speakers (single loudspeaker units). At the same time, there are also some excellent sound quality multi-channel speakers with two or more loudspeaker units.

Jbl Bluetooth stereo is very good, its super treble angle is the same as 60 × 30 degrees, and the diffusion angle is adjustable. Jbl Bluetooth stereo is really a great audio device, if you like it. Well, now many shopping malls on the market can buy it, and everyone can rest assured to buy it.

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