• Google WiFi is still the best option for home internet

    As a tech journalist, I should care more about routers. I know enough not to rely on the hunk of junk offered up by most ISPs, but after buying a good router for a couple hundred bucks years back, I just didn’t see any reason to upgrade. And then we moved into a bigger house.Bigger, as it turns o... View Post
  • How about JBL Bluetooth speakers?

    Jbl Bluetooth acoustics is the most popular Bluetooth acoustics in the world. JBL can be seen everywhere from the most advanced fever stereo to the most popular home theater group. Jbl Bluetooth audio is very popular as soon as it appears, which has something to do with jbl's good reputation. J... View Post
  • Perfect SD Cards Recommended for Photographers

    Summary – This blog guides you through several aspects that photographers should look for when buying an SD card. This will make it easier for them to get the best one depending on their requirement. Further, this blog also explains the aftereffect of not buying the right SD card and the ways by ... View Post
  • What to Look For When You Are Buying SD Card?

    1. Class 10 Rating – The Class 10 rating of an SD card guarantees that the card has a minimum and sustained sequential Write speed of least 10 MB/s. This is the minimum Write Speed for shooting videos of 1080p. Therefore, photographers should look for SD cards with Class 10 rating if they wish to... View Post